Shape Collage Pro 3.64 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Shape Collage Pro 3.64 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Shape Collage Pro

Shape Collage Pro 3.64 is the name of another incredible programming item for making composition pictures. With the assistance of this, the client can assemble the assortment of his most loved photographs and make a delightful and astonishing montage. Such pictures, which have as of late acquired specific prominence among individuals, allow the client to connect their most loved photographs, finally, a delightful and awesome mix. Making collection pictures with altering devices is a tedious and testing task, and if the client needs to utilize the apparatuses to make the composition, it will take quite a while, as if the outcome won’t be a lot to the client’s preferred.

With this ground-breaking application, you can assemble them and make astonishing montages. On the off chance that you need an instrument that can rapidly produce composition pictures for you with a couple of speedy and direct snaps, we propose you don’t pass up on the chance to utilize this ground-breaking programming. This program is an automatic Photo Collage Maker. Make picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks. You love taking photos. It is fantastic for making cards, posters, wallpapers, or even billboards.

You have hundreds, probably thousands, on your computer, phone, and tablet. Now what? Use it to take your photos and make a beautiful and unique photo collage in any shape that you want in just seconds. Do you want to create stunning photo collages with just a few clicks? Do you want to customize your collages with different shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts? Step 3 – preview and then create the collage. You can save the collage as a JPEG, PNG, or PSD file.

Shape Collage Pro + Activation Key

Shape Collage Pro + Activation Key you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Shape Collage Pro 3.1, the latest version of the popular photo collage software for Windows. The Shape Collage Pro 3.1 is an automatic photo collage maker that lets you create collages with any photos and any design. You can adjust the collage size, spacing, rotation, and border. This can also add text, shadows, backgrounds, and effects to your collages. Shape Collage Pro 3.1 is not only powerful but also easy to use. You can make a collage in minutes by simply dragging and dropping your photos into the software.

You can also export your collage as a Photoshop file, with each photo on a separate layer for further editing.
Shape Collage Pro 3.1 is the ultimate photo collage software for Windows. It is fast, fun, and flexible. This is perfect for making photo books, posters, cards, wallpapers, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to get Shape Collage Pro 3.1 for free. Download it now from and enjoy making amazing photo collages with ease.

You can undo and redo any changes you make and compare the original and edited photos side by side. Shape Collage Pro 3.1 is also a photo organizer. You can import your photos from your computer, camera, scanner, or online sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Picasa. You can sort your photos by date, name, size, or rating.

Shape Collage Pro + License  Key

Shape Collage Pro + License  Key is the best photo collage software for Windows. The has everything you need to turn your photos into beautiful and unique collages. This is easy to use for beginners and powerful enough for professionals. Shape Collage, as its name points out, is a tool that can be used to turn photos into good-looking collages. The very nice thing about Shape Collage is that it is incredibly easy to use. After you load some images into the application, in little time and with a minimal amount of effort, you will be able to come up with a beautiful collage.

Shape Collage provides support for multiple operating systems and multiple languages. You can install the application on top of Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux in English, French, Polish, or any other of the many supported languages. Installing it on a Windows-powered PC is a standard process: download an executable, run it, and click through the setup wizard. It must be mentioned that the setup wizard will invite you to install Nitro PDF Reader; you can opt out if you don’t want the PDF reader.

The Shape Collage interface is made up of three sections. The one to the left presents the photos you select to be turned into a collage. The one to the right presents a few options you could use to customize the way your collage will look like. And the middle section presents a preview of your collage. Even a novice will immediately feel at home with this user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  •  Create collages with just a few simple clicks
  •  Quickly and easily place images in the collage
  • Ability to use images on the computer or call them from the web
  • Having beautiful and modern templates for making collages
  • Supports a variety of graphic formats
  • Ability to move images in the collage
  • Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface
  • The ability to use photos on a PC or to access them via the web.
  • Templates for collages that square measure each lovely and classy.
  • It supports a variety of visual formats
  • The ability to maneuver images around during a collage UI that’s basic and easy to use

What’s New?

  • Generate collages in each format and kind you’ll be able to suppose of; depict your form, whether or not it is a parallelogram, a heart, a loop, or letters.
  • Alter the collage size, photo range, variety of images, and image spacing.
  • Modification of the surroundings color, frame color, and furthermore.
  • Save your work as a JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop PSD file. Save the collage as a PSD and modify it yourself if you don’t like it.
  • Generate image collages in a moment with simply a couple of mouse clicks; Images square measure mechanically and show intelligence place employing a machine learning algorithm; produce stickers with a couple of easy clicks; and quickly and simply add images in your collage.


  • Shape Collage is available for multiple platforms.
  • The application provides extensive language support.
  • The interface is easy to use; you will have no problems creating collages using said interface.
  • There are multiple options you can play with for creating collages.


  • Watermark on output, can’t save and open projects, can’t move photos around by hand.
  • It would be best if you got Shape Collage Pro to get rid of these limitations.

System Requirements:

No Requirements

Activation Key:

  • 1Q2WERTY78I9O0P1Q2W
  • 0P12W345YU8O0P123E5Y
  • UI9O0P123E5T7UI9O0P12

Serial Key:

  • 37UI9O0P11235YUI9P023
  • RTYUI9P23E5YU89O0P1Q
  • 2W34T67UI9O0P23E4TYU
  • 89O0P11235YU8O0P123I

License Key:

  • E5TYU89O0P123E5YUIO0
  • P123RTYUI9O0P1Q2W3R
  • P1235YUI9P0023E5YUIO

Registration Key:

  • 0P123E57U89O0P12W35
  • YU8I9O0P1Q2W3E45T67I
  • U8I12W34R56Y78I9O0P1
  • 23E46Y7I9O0P1235YUI9O

How To Install?

  1. Download the program
  2.  Disable Windows Defender
  3. Decompress
  4. installation

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